The photo book "Matthäikirchhof" shows the visual research for subtle traces of power in architecture and texture on the basis of the building complex of the former State Security and People's Police of the GDR in Leipzig. It is a document of the time between stagnation and awakening at the birthplace of the city. The images are accompanied by texts on the history and architecture of the site and its value as a place of remembrance for the future.

Photobook by Iona Dutz with texts by
Arnold Bartetzky & Uta Bretschneider,
Anke Hannemann and Anselm Hartinger.

Design: Jim Kühnel

80 p. / 50 images /
21 x 26,5 cm / Hardcover / 1. Edition  

ISBN 978-3-910737-00-6
Published by

The publication was funded by the VG Bildkunst and the KdFS (co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget approved by the Saxon state parliament)

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