Eiji De Luca
aka Madda Chantal

Text: Nastassja van der Weyden
2023 for FROH FROH

Not only is Eiji's pumpy, vibey, breaky, yet always dark-technoid sound up to 150 BPM striking, but also his style. Pastel, pink, Crocs with platform heels, handbags and watches on every wrist, often even on the foot, are his trademark:
"First and foremost, I put it on because I think it's cool. It suits me as a person - it's a bit silly, cute and it just exudes freshness, I think"
- his style is funny, but not ironic.
The typical image of masculinity and how men "usually" dress is broken here. And men in particular feel provoked by it, he says. Unfortunately, the reactions on the street are usually different from those in the club, where his style of dress tends to be recognized rather than devalued. However, expressing his personality with clothes and colors, whether when DJing or in everyday life, is more important to him than the sensitivities of pink-hating guys.